I took a film making class several years ago, and the below video was the result. This is an interesting story.

The script that the class decided to make ended up being unfilmable because of several script formatting errors as well as fundamental flaws with how it was written. I was tasked with taking the raw script and turning it into something that we could make a movie about. I’d say the movie below is about 80% me and 20% the teacher, which isn’t too bad, all things considered.

On the last day of the shoot, the teacher/director had the flu and spent most of the day passed out in a chair. Before he finally passed out from exhaustion, he gave me the go ahead to direct the rest of the filming. I know which parts I directed, but I’m curious if you can tell the different between what I directed and what the teacher directed.

So, all told, on this project I co-wrote and co-directed it. I also have a small acting role right at the beginning.

In case you’re curious. Here is my draft of the script. Read it, and then watch the movie. It’s pretty interesting how the director edited and changed what I wrote.