I’m a versatile writer who has contributed to everything from games, comedy websites, and print magazines. I developed and wrote the storyline for Bill and Ted: Wyld Stallyns as well as a Terminator mobile game. It was an amazing experience to explore those worlds. Because I’ve written in so many formats and so many styles, I can jump between projects immediately, regardless of the topic.

After a lifetime of living, breathing, and getting an education in various entertainment mediums, I have an encyclopedic knowledge of everything from film to video games. In the event that I can’t draw on my memory for an article though, one of my strengths is as a researcher. I’m quite good at immersing myself in a new topic or property and being able to speak articulately about it within days.

Beyond writing, my professional experience and a broad range of hobbies give me a unique voice that I bring to all of my projects. Some examples of my eclectic hobbies include the many years I’ve played bass guitar and being an active performer and tech in the Atlanta improv scene. In a previous life, I was a video game producer, which I spent fifteen years pursuing until I decided to turn freelance writing into my full-time career, rather than having to carve out time for it between games.

I have several active projects that I work on in my free time, including a cartoon I’m developing for distribution on the Internet with my creative partner, and a podcast all about 80s and 90s action movies. Having experience creating filmed entertainment, developing video games, playing music, and performing on stage gives me a practical understanding of how our culture’s favorite forms of entertainment are created. This adds a layer of authenticity to all of my pieces.

I hope this (somewhat) brief glimpse of my experience gives you an idea of what I can contribute to any article or feature.