Copywriting and Grants

Eric Studer

In addition to writing magazines, YouTube videos, and video game articles, I also did a fair amount of copywriting and grant writing while in the midst of my freelance career. Here are a couple of examples of the work I generated.

Jacob’s Eye

I wrote marketing copy for this marketing company. If it sound weird, that’s because it was!

This is a software review website. I worked as a sub-contractor for one of the full-time reviewers. Here is a comparison review I did for Dropbox vs. iCloud.

Stand 8

This is a consulting firm that hired me to write several pieces of marketing for the variety of services they provide for various internet platforms. I wrote thirty or more documents for their corporate site, here are a few selections.

Virtual Response

I can’t provide any examples for this project, but this was a grant proposal that I wrote for a very interesting piece of software. All of the data is currently proprietary, but hopefully they company will get their grant and be able to develop it. If that happens, I’ll update this section with writing samples.